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Solution: How to Negotiate with your Potential Client!

We want to ensure that all of our instructors can confidently and effectively engage with your clients when they have questions before buying a package. It’s common to experience rejection when learning. Maintain your confidence as though you were teaching while with all the parents are watching you. Display your expertise. As AQUA S.T.A.R. has faith in you, you should have faith in yourself!

4 Objections to Overcome!

Lack of Need

Obviously, if our customer has already taken the trial, they must seek out individual swim lessons. Reasons might be many, including:

Lack of Urgency

When money is not an issue but client will come up with saying “not the right time” we have to use 1 of the 2 solutions:

Lack of Trust

Trust comes down to whether the client believes if you can do what you say.

Lack of Money

Money objection is so common. So here are some ways to establish a baseline with your client:

Answer to your Objections

Your service cost too much, the client said. What’s the cost? Clients often ask and say these things. Find out why before offering a discount.

  • #1: Return to Product Value If price is the sole concern, it’s difficult to compete with cheaper alternatives. Instead, highlight your product’s benefits.
  • #2: Assess ROI(return on investment), Features, and Benefits Instead of price, promote features and ROI. Case studies and past accomplishments may verify your idea works.


  • Offer a settlement plan at a discounted price
  • Show that you’re superior than most people. (this is why the trial is 30 minutes). To demonstrate your worth!

Some clients may respond, “I don’t have time to get started.” I enjoy your teaching. I can’t commit. Make it urgent so people appreciate learning from you.

  • #1: Offer a Deal – If time is a problem, offer a discount, trial period, or free service to promote rapid commitment. A little incentive may sometimes move a client.
  • #2: Call the CEO or top salesman. Connecting potential clients with executive decision shows you appreciate their business. It may hold them long enough to finalize the transaction.


  • Offer a limited time deal.
    Example: I’ll give you 10% off the Guarantee Package if you learn to swim in a week

I can’t decide without consulting my wife and spouse about if this plan is good for our kids.

  • #1: Give Them Everything They Need – If you can’t arrange a new appointment, give your customer everything they need to present your best interest and solution. Try everything to succeed.

After viewing the plan, clients are dissatisfied. Please don’t stop here; let them know that you need to address your clients’ worries regarding our solution, whether they’re misunderstandings or actual incompatibility.

  • #1: Explain the Buying Process Uncertainty about next steps might cause hesitance. Explain the client registration process. This may help them relax.
  • #2: We can overcome hurdles through social proof. Testimonials, case studies, vanity metrics, and more are great. Focus on similar problems of clients with the same difficulty as your client. This proves this product is great for them.

If any of our clients have used another swimming service with similar services, we may believe this is the end. Instead, ask why your client would even take our 30-minute free trial or chat to us.

A long-term customer and their previous swimming company will always have issues. We must address their frustrations.

  • #1: Side-by-Side Comparison – Start by highlighting how AquaSTAR is different from the rest of the market. Explain the results other clients have obtained after switching from your competitors to attract them. Highlight your product’s qualities and explain how they helped the client reach their goals.

  • #2: “I’m Just Wanting to Show You Around” – Assure the possible client that they don’t need to buy from you right now. You should briefly explain how your brand is better than theirs. 

What is YOUR worth?

Here are some of the challenges or questions that your client will ask before they are willing to make a purchase of the swimming plan you offers:

  • Each instructor has distinct values. What you’re worth, your experience, and what you can offer clients.

  • Since everyone is different, asking questions is the greatest method to understand about a customer’s requirements. Discover their requirements. Consider how you may assist them.
  • Even if you argue against the alternatives below throughout your 30-minute trial, your client may still be unconvinced. Let time decide.

  • Clients will return and suggest you if they are happy with your value and quality. Thus, a short-term rejection may signal that the moment is not yet right, not a reflection on your performance. Keep doing what you’re doing and you’ll succeed.
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