Cancellation Policy

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Request for Schedule Changes

Changes can be made via our online portal subject to availability, so long as you do so at least 24 hours before the scheduled time.

Cancellation Policy

A minimum of 24 hours’ notice is required to confirm a missed lesson.

Any appointment that is missed, or changed without 24 hours’ notice will result in a charge of 100% of the total service amount. The appointment may be taken off of a contract/package or charged individually.

It is mutually understood that if a cancellation is due to circumstances beyond any of our control, such as power outage, unfortunate incidence, or weather that requires you or us to have to cancel or be closed during regular business hours, we will reschedule your existing appointment and no discount or charges will apply.

The 24-hour cancellation policy gives us time to inform our wait list clients of any availability, as well as keep our staff schedules filled, thus better-serving everyone. AQUA S.T.A.R. policies are presented and provided in the best quality and tradition of excellent service for our established and future clientele. Thank you for viewing and supporting our 24-hour cancellation and rescheduling policy criteria!

Swimming Lessons Plan Upgrades

We acknowledge that there may be instances where you wish to modify your swimming package, such as adding an additional swimmer to a 1v1 package or upgrading leftover lessons from a 1v1 to a 1v2 package. In order to accommodate such changes, we have established a straightforward policy.

All modifications to swimming packages will incur a mandatory administration fee of $25. This fee is necessary to cover the administrative costs associated with processing the requested changes.

We highly recommend considering an upgrade to your existing plan instead of requesting a refund, as refunding the entire plan would result in a substantial restocking fee of 25%. Opting for an upgrade provides the advantage of having additional swimming lessons available, allowing the swimmer to benefit from further instruction without straining your budget.

Refund Policy

If you are a customer and cannot use all of your lessons during the season, these credits will remain on your account and will not expire.

The AQUA S.T.A.R. Management Team reserves the right to charge a 25% restocking fee to recoup any refunds. In Additional, all lessons that have already been taken in your package will be charged in refund as a single lesson format or the original price from our price list since it has fallen outside of the agreed package one has purchased. Pricing in our packages is subjected to change.

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