Health and Safety Policies

The following policy is to protect our AQUASTAR SWIM SCHOOL LTD  and our independent instructors against any possible lawsuits. Once a client has completed a purchase of a swimming plan from our website, within the confirmation, there will be a section where this policy will be apply and agreed to before proceeding to the payment. 

1. I fully recognize the risks of injury or illness inherent in participation in any fitness or athletic program, and I represent to AQUASTAR SWIM SCHOOL LTD that I have consulted my child’s personal physician or other health authority and my child is physically capable of participating on the swim lesson.

2. I hereby voluntarily release, discharge, waive, and relinquish any and all actions or causes of action for personal injury, property damages, or wrongful death occurring to me and arising as a result of engaging in AQUASTAR SWIM SCHOOL LTD, wherever or however the same may occur and for whatever period said activities or instructions might continue. I for myself, my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns, hereby release, waive, discharge and relinquish any action or causes action aforesaid which may hereafter arise for me and my estate, and agree that under no circumstances will I or my heirs, executors, administrators and assigns prosecute or present any claims or personal injury, property damages or wrongful death against AQUASTAR SWIM SCHOOL LTD and/or its directors, agents, representatives, employees, parent company, subsidiaries, participating contractors, coaches, volunteers from all liability of any kind or nature in connection with my participation in the Lessons, whether the same shall arise whether the same shall arise by negligence of any said persons or otherwise. IT IS MY INTENTION BY THIS INSTRUMENT TO EXEMPT AND RELIEVE AQUASTAR SWIM SCHOOL LTD, CONTRACTORS, COACHES, AND VOLUNTEERS FROM LIABILITY FROM PERSONAL INJURY, PROPERTY DAMAGES OR WRONGFUL DEATH CAUSED BY NEGLIGENCE.

3. I further indemnify and hold harmless to AQUASTAR SWIM SCHOOL LTD and/or its directors, agent, employees, parent company, contractors, coaches, volunteers, and subsidiaries from any and all claims, actions, demands, cost, liabilities, expenses or judgement whatsoever, including attorneys’ fees and costs, which might arise from my participation in AQUASTAR Swim Lessons.

4. I hereby voluntarily execute and deliver this Release and Indemnification to AQUASTAR SWIM SCHOOL LTD to induce the school to permit my participation on the Swim Lessons, and I hereby acknowledge that such participation is at my own risk and without any representations of any kind of character having been made by the AQUASTAR and/or its directors, agents, employees, parent company, subsidiaries, contractors, coaches, and volunteers. I acknowledge that I have read the foregoing and I have been fully advised that I should contact my child’s personal physician or other health authority prior to commencing to AQUASTAR Swim Lessons.
Set out below are the terms and conditions, including your rights and obligations, of you and as parent or guardian with Aquastar. We recommend that you read them carefully.

1.0 Aquastar Swim School Participation and Responsibility

1.1 Rules: You and the child/children in your care (hereinafter referred to as “Clients”) who attend at Aquastar agree to be bound by the Aquastar’s terms and conditions as set out in this agreement, as amended from time to time and any additional rules posted from time to time in the Swim School.

1.2 Changes: The Clients accept that the conditions including but not limited to, our opening and closing hours, services, instructors, fees and this Agreement may change from time to time. In the event where change happens, Aquastar will use the best effort to inform the Participants in advance.

1.3 Difference in terms and conditions: In the event where this Agreement differs from information provided during the lesson or over telecommunication, this Agreement will apply unless written confirmation from Aquastar is provided.

1.4 You or child/ children in your care participation: Client’s payment of lesson fees allows the nominated child in client’s care (hereinafter referred to as “Participant”) to participate in the Swim lessons that the Participant is enrolled for, according to the terms of this Agreement. In the event the client breaches any term of this Agreement or breaks any Rules, the Participant’s lessons may be cancelled in Aquastar’s sole discretion.

1.5 Only family members living in the Client’s complex unit may participate in the swim lesson. Family members who do not reside in the Client’s complex are not eligible to attend any classes.

1.6 Client’s change in the situation: A Client must inform Aquastar about anything that affects a Participant which will affect their participation, including but not limited to the health condition, and any changes to your contact details such as a postal address, email address, phone numbers, and if applicable, nominated bank account details.

1.7 Client’s obligation: Upon signing this Agreement and for the duration of the Participant having lessons with the Aquastar, the Client is obligated and agrees, it is true that:

A. The Participants are residents in the Client’s building complex.

B. The Participant is in good physical condition unless advised otherwise;

C. No medical or other reason why the Participant cannot take part unless advised otherwise.

D. Participating in the Swim School will not damage the Participant‘s health, safety, comfort or physical condition or that of others.

E. The client and the Participant will use their best efforts to participate in any way to ensure, not only their safety but also the safety of others, before, during, and after the lessons.

1.8 Refusing entry: In the event, Client breaks the Rules or acts in any way that is inconsistent with this Agreement including by way of example ignoring any sign or hand-out, Aquastar may terminate your package for further investigation and reserves the right to take legal action to pursue the case.

1.9 Termination after notice: In the event, Client breaches this Agreement or breaks Rules or acts in any way that are considered unreasonable, a warning notice may be given to the Client that Aquastar may have this Agreement terminated. Should the Client continue to behave in the same or a similar way after receiving notice, Aquastar will terminate this Agreement in its sole discretion.

1.10 Privacy and use of personal information: The Client will provide Aquastar with, and Aquastar will hold on file such personal information for the Swim School registration. Aquastar will only use, deal with or disclose the personal information in a way that is consistent with Aquastar’s privacy policy.

Non-Interference with Instructors

All clients and/or parents are required to refrain from disturbing or intervening while our instructors conduct private swimming lessons for your children or related family members. Our experienced instructors employ their unique teaching methods to provide the best possible lessons in the swimming pool.

In the event that we receive a notice from our instructors regarding parental interference, which includes providing unsolicited advice on teaching methods or engaging in disruptive activities, AQUA S.T.A.R.S reserves the right to:

  1. Withhold the client’s package for further investigation.
  2. Pursue legal actions if deemed necessary.

We kindly request that you allow our experienced instructors to perform at their highest level, ensuring that you and your students receive the best possible results from AQUA S.T.A.R. Your cooperation in adhering to this policy is greatly appreciated.


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