Elite Swim Instructor James T.

Criminal Record Verified

4 Years of Experience

Certified Instructors

Marinelle A.

Elite Swimming Instructor

Joined AQUA S.T.A.R. : 2023

Ranking: B

Lessons Taught: -

Reviews: 5


My name is Marinelle and I am a seasoned aquatics professional with a passion for educating and instructing.

I have around five years of experience in aquatics, so my knowledge and expertise will be implemented with each lesson to achieve great swimming skills. In addition to my roles as a lifeguard and swim instructor, I have also served as a trainer for lifeguards and swim instructors ((WSIT/SI/NLI/LSI), teaching the necessary skills and knowledge to certify them.

Alongside my aquatic roles, I am also pursuing a degree in Education at UBC, where I continue to hone my skills as an educator. I am known for my upbeat and engaging personality, and I am dedicated to creating an enjoyable, skills-based environment for all my students.

Some fun facts about me are that I enjoy a variety of activities such as paddleboarding, hiking, working out, cooking, and indulging in a good book.

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