Share your private pool with Aqua s.t.a.r

– Generate Additional Passive Revenue with AQUA S.T.A.R.-

Earn upwards of $10000+/mo

Shared Pool

Share Your Private Pool with Aquastar

Offer your private pool to our clients seeking personalized swim lessons right in the comfort of their own space. Our instructors provide one-on-one sessions, ensuring privacy and a tailored learning experience.

Generate Income

Our clients will select a pool nearest to your residence from our list of options. Then, they will choose an instructor available to provide private swim lessons in your area.

As a token of appreciation, each lesson booked contributes to the growth and support of our community.

Build Trust, Support, and Coverage Protection

At Aquastar, our clients are primarily families with children seeking private swim lessons. We understand that learning in a private home with a pool can raise concerns about safety.

That’s why Aquastar provides up to $2,000,000 in liability insurance with property damage protection. Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.

Questions upon hosting

  • Fair Value: We offer competitive rates based on your location, pool size, and available amenities, whether indoor or outdoor. Our marketing specialists will conduct a thorough evaluation to ensure a fair and mutually beneficial pricing structure.

  • Host Care Team: Our dedicated Host Care Team is here to support you every step of the way. We’ll answer any questions you have, help you set a fair price, and provide helpful hints to maximize your hosting experience.

  • Community Collaboration: By joining Aquastar, you become part of a community of businesses and hosts working together to provide valuable resources to our clients. We offer special privileges and discounts to our hosts as a token of appreciation for their partnership.

Aquastar will charge approved clients who have purchased a swimming plan for our company. Payment will be reviewed at the end of the month and will be sending our host an invoice for the amount of swimming lessons taken at your location. 

Our $2,000,000 liability guarantee which includes property damage insurance covers all Canadian Aquastar Hosts.

Of course, many of our hosts are. If you do not feel safe doing so, setting up cameras to protect your property is a great idea if you are not at home during the reservation.

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