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Personalized Swim Lessons in your area

Kids & adults

5 years & above

The Aquastar Kids swim instruction programme enables children to increase their swimming technique and skill knowledge so they may learn how to swim independently as they gradually master all the swimming steps.

Private swim instructors in your neighbourhood who are certified by Aquastar and have expertise and insurance teach these programmes. Additionally, Aquastar private swim lessons let parents create their own lesson programmes that are tailored to the specific requirements of each child.

Each student at Aquastar will be pushed to realise their greatest potential. The whole range of aquatic practises are covered by the Aquastar swim class programme, including water safety and other skills and methods.

Our swim classes are appropriate and capable of assisting in the accomplishment of the goals, regardless of whether your child’s objectives are to improve fundamental swimming abilities or to pursue a future in swim team.

During the 30-minute Free Trial period and the initial classes that are scheduled through Aquastar, our private swim instructor will examine first-time registrants. Upon request and at the end of each level, a report card will be given to each student.

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