5 Amazing Games to Play in the Pool

During the warm summer months, why not enjoy some pool games? The summer months are perfect for family bonding around a pool, whether it’s at home, a resort, or a public facility. AquaSTAR has compiled a list of the best pool games for kids and adults to help you plan the perfect summer.

Marco Polo  

It’s best to play with kids at the pool’s shallow end. Make it home alive! Rules for this classic game are similar to those for “hide and seek” in a swimming pool. Since Marco is “it,” he must blindfold himself and search for the other participants. Everyone else must shout “Polo!” when “it” cries “Marco!” so that “it” can locate them. Marco reaches out and touches the next “it” player.

Swimming Pool Scavenger Hunt  

There will be two groups on your swimming team that compete against one another. Pairing up coins, diving rods, pool noodles, etc. is essential. Someone is making it more difficult by throwing things into the water. The team that finishes collecting their items first wins.

Fishy in the Middle

A beach ball and two players are needed for this aquatic activity. Aquarium fish He stands in the middle while two players smash the ball over his head. When the ball is caught, the person who tossed it is now the new fishy.

Water Races

Water wings, a bodyboard, or any kind of noodles to float on are necessary. Safe-Playing Guidelines The pool is divided into two sections, the shallow end and the deep end. There should be no one left alone who is under the age of eighteen. Use one of the aforementioned pool toys to compete in a race around your pool. Select your chosen swimming method and then issue a challenge to a friend to a swim off.

Underwater Obstacle Course

It’s possible that you’ll use hula hoops filled with water as part of your obstacle course. A hula hoop may be made floatable by taping a pool noodle to its end. You can swim through the hoop while someone holds it. The swimmers had to jump through hoops and get items from the bottom of the pool.

AquaSTAR Tips & Recommendations:  

To encourage a safe and positive swim environment while playing pool games:

  • Always have an adult dedicated to watching from out of the water
  • Allow everyone to have a chance to play
  • Encourage proper swimming skills & techniques into the games.
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