You are your own Boss

You manage your own time and schedule. For couple a hours a day, weekend or throughout the week.

Private Chat Room

After a trial lesson, your client may talk with you until the chatroom ends. You may now provide recommendations to assist the client to make the right choice.

Earn Bonus

Your choice to earn as much bonus as you want. Follow the rules to be compensated.

Client Reviews

The client may write a testimonial about their experience with you and AquaSTAR Thus, providing excellent individual swim lessons is all you need to achieve a 5-star rating.

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Qualities with AquaSTAR

What qualities do you need with AquaSTAR?​

After you and the client have worked out a plan in which you are both satisfied with the pricing and value of the course, clients will be able to schedule hourly private swimming lessons with you through the AquaSTAR website. This will take place once you and the client have established the plan. We will provide you with all of the tools and resources that you need to get started, and there is no required minimum time commitment.

Which credentials are recognized?

AquaSTAR is a platform for beginning to advanced swimmers, and instructors listed there must possess one of the nationally recognised swim instructor qualifications from either the Canadian Red Cross or Lifesaving Society.

Each instructor is a sole proprietor who is in charge of acquiring and maintaining their own credentials.

What qualifications are needed to partner as an AquaSTAR swim instructor?

Before beginning to teach classes, all instructors must adhere to the following standards:

What if I have more credentials?​

It can be beneficial to your profile to stand out if you have coaching or learn to swim programme certifications from various areas or nations. Unfortunately, because to issues with our insurance provider and connected certifying bodies, these credentials cannot presently be used to list on the platform on their own.

What exactly does the internet background check entail?

To execute a background check that is validated by government databases, AquaSTAR collaborates with a trustworthy online background check provider. You must be at least 18 years old and have two forms of identification to finish it. 

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