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Note about Travel Fee
  1. We ONLY charge a travel fee whenever you book, if applicable.
  2. Reservations for instructors within 5 kilometres of your area are free. Over 5 kilometres, $0.70 per km.
  3. Travel fees are not needed for our shared pool locations.
  4. Travel fees only apply to instructors who travel directly to a client's house, condo/apartment with a private swim pool.
  5. After purchasing the desired package plan, you may remain with your trial lesson instructor. You may even switch instructors within the same category after a few lessons. Which is why the travel fee was not included in the package, not knowing whether you would like to pick someone closer to your area to have a swim instructor without paying for them to come over to teach you privately.
  6. Travel fees will be applied to the payment gateway after the Client's location has been determined via our website, if applicable.
  7. We're glad to swap instructors midway through your swimming session. Enabling you pick a local instructor to save travel fees. Reselecting an instructor must be the same rank as when you bought your swimming service. According to our refund policy, Aquastar will reimburse the remaining trip amount you paid in advance, less a 25% restocking fee, if you hire another instructor.

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