S.T.A.R. Plan

AquaSTAR value all individuals who take part in our private service. 

After you have given our 30-minute free trial a try and decided to begin a programme with us, AquaSTAR has fantastic rewards that are given to our members. We work hard to establish a community that can rely on us in addition to success.

Although every business can offer a service, we are more than just that to you.

The steps to receive our incentive rewards:

  1. Sign up an account with AquaSTAR
  2. Book an appointment with your selected instructor of your choice.
  3. Try out the 30 Minutes Free Trial. 
  4. Discuss a program with your instructor to suit best for your needs and wants.
  5. Depending which program you select, the incentive and rewards will be given to you. 
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