Resort Style pool in a paradise setting



Resort Style pool in a paradise setting
Address: 11268 Dawson PlaceDelta BC, BCV4C3S7
Size: (L) 48, W(21) D( 3-8)
Type: Outdoor

Water System: Salt-Water
Features: Side enter/esit stepping ladder, Deep-end depth higher than 5ft, and Shaded Area
How Private: Private - I have fences or bushes that make it hard for neighbours to see in.Very Private - My pool is on a lot of land completely hidden from the view of other neighbours
Amenities: Heated Pool, Shower, and Towels

Advance Booking: 1 year
Earliest Reservation: 8:00 AM
Latest Reservation: 1:00 PM
How will Guests Access Pool:

From side of the property into the backyard.

Notice: 1-2 hours
Pool Available: May, June, July, August, September, and October
Contact: Jai singh
Phone: 6047605572

Beautiful shape long pool with hottub and lot of shade with privacy.

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