You are your own Boss

You manage your own time and schedule. For couple a hours a day, weekend or throughout the week.

Private Chat Room

After a trial lesson, your client may talk with you until the chatroom ends. You may now provide recommendations to assist the client to make the right choice.

Earn Bonus

Your choice to earn as much bonus as you want. Follow the rules to be compensated.

Client Reviews

The client may write a testimonial about their experience with you and AquaSTAR Thus, providing excellent individual swim lessons is all you need to achieve a 5-star rating.

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S.T.A.R Membership Rewards

The AquaSTAR instructors have the chance to become serious about the additional earnings they are generating for themselves. If they decide to join our S.T.A.R. program, the following are some of the benefits they will get as members of our organization.

Premier S.T.A.R. Membership Bonus

Subscribing to AQUASTAR each year will cost you $189, but you’ll have access to all of the benefits of being a premier S.T.A.R. member. All new Premier S.T.A.R. Members will be offered $89 to join, giving them a chance to test the waters before committing to anything longer.

When you upgrade to Premier S.T.A.R. Member in AQUASTAR, you will enjoy the following benefits:

Premier S.T.A.R. Membership Take it Easy Lets get Serious
Membership Subscription $189 (1st timer - $89)
Package Bonus (up to $100)
Monthly Tier Bonus (up to additional 16%)
Yearly Bonus (up to additional 2%)
Executive Promotion (Trips, special Bonus)
Referral Bonus ($25)
30 Minutes Free Trial Coverage ($10 each time)
Plan change admin fee $100 $50
Instructor Equipment Coverage $25 $50
Social Media Post Sharing (Max 2 post per week) $0.50 $1
Distance Charge Coverage 80% 100%
Re-certification Coverage (up to $200) 20% 80%
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