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What does AquaSTAR platform do?


Instructors of AquaSTAR travel to private residences and nearby condos/apartments to give private swimming lessons on your own terms and timetable.

Why choose AquaSTAR?


At AquaSTAR, we’ve brought together all the incredible independent instructors who want to be treated like family rather than just another employee.

Not only are instructors compensated monetarily, but they are also provided with opportunities to socialize and learn from one another via exciting team building exercises.

What do AquaSTAR provides?


Each instructor who joins our family will have the opportunity to:

  • Set your own prices and availability
  • A dedicated booking and profile page
  • Join our company’s exclusive events
  • Receive bonuses and perks on top of your base salary
  • Protection from legal responsibility
  • Enjoy special pricing from one of our affiliated companies
  • Gain exposure to thousands of local parents and swimmer

What requirements to become a AquaSTAR elite Private Swim Instructor?


An individual’s qualification to teach as an instructor is based upon their attainment of a valid teaching certificate and teaching experience. Signing up is free, and lessons can be scheduled immediately. In addition to their diverse background, perspectives, and techniques, AquaSTAR values all of the instructors who choose to join our organization.

Before you may begin teaching, all eligible instructors must fulfill the following conditions:

  • Have a current certification as a swimming instructor 
  • Have taught as a swim instructor for a minimum of three years
  • Have an up to date First Aid CPR & AED certificate
  • Complete a background check online
  • 18 and older

What certification do AquaSTAR accept and if I hold other certifications?


As long as it is affiliated with either the Canadian Red Cross or the Lifesaving Society, AquaSTAR will recognize it as a valid swim teacher certification.

Additional certificates may boost your appeal to parents and aspiring swimmers. Unfortunately, AquaSTAR requires Water Safety Instructor certification from the Canadian Red Cross or Lifesaving Society to progress. Instructors must maintain their certifications and guarantee they are competent to teach. Online certificates will notify instructors of expiry dates.

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