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What is AquaSTAR membership do?


Once you’ve met the requirements to become a member of our family, you’ll be invited to join in on special business activities and get a higher compensation. Even if you don’t sign up for any of the optional supplementary subscriptions, the base plan is still worth it for anybody who is happy with their income level.

Payments for fuel, equipment, and renewal of permits and licenses that are included in a typical subscription plan are sufficient.

is ther a cost to become a member?


A membership is not required to participate. Once you’ve been accepted into the AquaSTAR family, you’ll be able to create a sub-account inside your main one to start accruing bonuses right away. Once you log in to our teacher membership site, you’ll have access to those details.

What are some of the benefits?


Benefits provided by AquaSTAR are designed to assist each and every instructor in our family succeed and be fulfilled in their current roles. Even if it’s only a one-on-one session, we’ve perfected our methods so that everyone can get in right away.

  • Instructor Equipment Coverage
  • Distance Charge Coverage
  • Re-certification Coverage
  • 30 Minutes Trial Coverage
  • Social Media Sharing
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