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How can I find out whether and when I am scheduled for lessons?


AquaSTAR sends instructors email and text message alerts whenever a lesson is scheduled, cancelled, or postponed.

When a client schedule a lesson under you, you’ll get a confirmation email and a text message with some basic information about your next lesson.

The day before your scheduled lessons, you’ll get a reminder email with all of your students’ names and the names they’ve provided for their swimmers. We suggest that any instructors who use a calendar software to keep keep track of their timetables also use it to keep track of their lessons.

What if a student cancels on me at the last minute?


If a client cancels a lesson with you via your chat system messenger, have them access their account to make the necessary changes. In particular, instructors shouldn’t be doing administrative tasks like scheduling or rescheduling classes for their clients. This will help avoid misunderstandings, and the website should provide information on how to cancel and get a refund. 

What if I need to cancel a scheduled lesson?


If you are unable to make a scheduled lesson, please send an email to our management team at least 72 hours (3 days) in advance to let us know you won’t be able to teach.

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