Reschedule & Cancellation

How can I change the date of my swimming lesson?


To reschedule a swimming lesson, you must cancel and reschedule it. When you cancel a lesson, all money paid towards that lesson will be refunded to you as lesson credit on your account that you may use to rebook with ease. Our staff may need until the end of the next business day to complete this, so if you do not get your lesson credit immediately, please check again later or contact us.

If your cancelled lesson was booked using lesson credit, your credit will be instantly available for re-use.

Best 24 hours reschedule policy


As long as you submit your reschedule lesson before your 24-hour lesson, AquaSTAR will be able to credit your account with the lesson. If you are uncertain if you or your children will be able to swim due to sickness or personal issues, please request a change in advance to avoid being charged for your swim class.

Any lessons requested after 24 hours will not be redeemed and credited back to your account; instead, they will be charged as lessons. Please be mindful to our private instructors, who are dedicating their time to offer you with an unforgettable experience.

How can I cancel my lessons?


To cancel a swim lesson, login, choose the appointment, then click Cancel.

My instructor can cancel my lesson?


Your instructor can’t cancel lessons. You are responsible for cancelling or postponing your own lessons.

Is phone or email cancellation available?


Cancellations/reschedules must be done online. Requests to cancel via phone or email are not accepted owing to misunderstanding (example: “We don’t believe we’ll make it”) and time delays when replying for explanation.

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