How come there are different locations?


AQUA S.T.A.R. clients are able to figure out where all available instructors will be teaching in their area. You should choose your own region of instructors since they are the only ones who will be able to conduct private lessons either at your private site or in one of our common location pools in your neighbourhood.

Can i select an instructor that is outside the boundaries of my location provided?


Yes, you may be able to make a request via your account if you like to have a certain instructor from a different area teach private swimming lessons at your location. The only factor to consider is that the instructor has the ability to accept or decline your request.

If the instructor declines your offer, it has nothing to do with you; they are either already booked or have personal reasons for denying your request.

Are there distance-related fees?


When you pick a local instructor who works in your region but does not reside there, you are charged a distance fee. Some local instructors live outside the area in which you reside. Therefore, the distance fee will be calculated from the instructor’s residence to the location where they will provide individual swimming lessons. This distance will be estimated, and you will be charged accordingly. This charge is entirely reimburse to the instructor who will go to your area to conduct individual swimming lessons.

Each instructor’s bio includes their initial location, so you know exactly where you’re being charged from.

When will I be charged for my private lesson's travel expenses?


It is charged each time an appointment is scheduled with an instructor. There is no fee associated with the first purchase of a lesson. Because some clients may decide to switch instructors, this is adaptable and clients still have the option to choose a closer instructor without incurring a distance charge if they want to minimize the cost of their individual swimming lesson.

Each time you schedule an appointment, a distance cost will be computed, and if you choose to continue, you will be required to click “confirm” and pay the additional amount for the instructor to travel to you.

What if i mistakenly provided a wrong address?


It is your responsibility to ensure the accuracy of your address. Your irresponsible errors prevent AQUA S.T.A.R. from being redeemed at the proper location. Check your address before finalizing the transaction to verify that it is correct. Otherwise, it will not be refunded or credited for free owing to your error.

Your lesson will still be charged and the distance fee will still be refunded to the instructor who drove all the way to your address, despite the fact that the incorrect information was submitted.

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