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What is Price bundle plan?


Clients who have previously finished our 30-minute free trial will be able to view a page labelled “Price Bundle Plan” when they log back into their account.

This tab contains a choice selection of the number of students, location, and lessons you want to take from Aquastar’s.

If you are uncertain about which plan is ideal, aquastar has carefully considered each plan, making it simple for any client to choose.

why AQUA S.T.A.R. does not provide a price list?


AQUA S.T.A.R. price is based on the instructor’s expertise, the number of lessons, reviews, and ratings.

Aquastar ranking criteria determine their ranking. The higher the ranking, the more valuable the instructor’s swim lessons are due to their expertise, experience, and customer service comments from former parents.

We called this “Value-based pricing“.

We charge according to instructor value. Our instructors will participate in our “30-minute trial.”

Our instructor will assess swimmers’ strengths and weaknesses in 30 minutes. Once completed, our private instructors will provide their expertise on what the student needs to focus on and estimate how long it will take them to acquire various skill sets based on their expertise and experience.

Do i have to buy from the pricing plan?


You must buy a swimming lesson from our website. After the trial lesson, your account will see the price list. You decide how many lessons to take. You choose the ranked instructor at the beginning, so you would be buying the same classes unless you preferred someone different for their expertise and value. S, A, B, N. These depend on experience, previous teachings, and other factors. Rankings will determine instructor ratings.

N-rank teachers have 3 years of experience. Their worth will be lower than S, which has more than 12 years of expertise in this business.

Before hiring, check their profile, ratings, and experience. To determine their personality. Customize your learning with an engaging, like-minded tutor. 

Why do different instructor' have different ranking?


Using instructor experience, lessons taught, reviews, and ratings as criteria. If you desire to pick an instructor based on their level of expertise, we rank from (N lowest – S highest).

Instructors of Rank S have greater experience than instructors of Rank N. To adjust pricing for lessons. Check your area for recommended teachers and their pricing. They are available for selection as your 30-minute trial teacher.

What methods of payment do AQUA S.T.A.R accept?


For your convenience, AQUA S.T.A.R. takes Visa, Mastercard, and American Express, as well as a wide variety of debit and gift cards that may be used as credit.

To avoid suspension, please do not accept offline or cash payments.

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