Booking Lessons

How to book a swimming lesson?


Once you have decided which individual pricing plan works for you, you are ready to book online in your backend account. There are no predetermined timetables are enforced on AQUA S.T.A.R. You may arrange lessons with any instructor as far in advance as they provide them, since they each determine their own schedules.

You are welcome to arrange lessons as often as you want, on days and times that work best for you, and there is no minimum number of lessons required to book.

When can i sign up for your private swimming lessons?


After registering for an account on our website, you must schedule a 30-minute trial lesson with one of our private swim instructors. So that they can determine what your requirements are and what is causing you trouble in the water.

After that, you’ll be able to examine our pricing bundle plan and choose what would work best for your scenario. In your account, you may connect with your trial instructor to have a private conversation about the best plan for you to begin your individual swim lessons.

How long is our private swimming lesson?


Payment for a lesson grants you one hour of time with your instructor in a pool of your choosing (or at one of our common locations). It is up to you and your swimming instructor to figure out how to best use that time. Most instructors spend most of their time teaching students how to swim by doing it themselves in the water, with some time set aside to go over objectives and provide critique.

Note that instructors may have back-to-back classes scheduled. In order for instructors to make it to their next appointment on time, they must ensure that their current class ends promptly.

Can i switch my instructor, and my date and time?


Any combination may be reserved at any time.

You may choose between our shared pool area and your own private pool, instructor, and lesson hours with AQUA S.T.A.R. There are no required lesson sequences or requirements to stay with the same location or instructor.

If you don’t like your trial lesson instructor, you may pick another. Stick with a limit of instructors since if you keep switching, the instructor won’t fully understand or maximize the effort.

You’re allowed to try out several instructors till you find your favourite. When your first choice is unavailable, it’s wise to choose a close second.

How many students do we teach within a hour of lesson?


AQUA S.T.A.R. ensures excellent efficiency and rapid results by teaching a maximum of two students simultaneously in the water. This reduces the risk in the water and ensures that all swimmers are safely supervised and instructed in the pool under the supervision of the instructor.

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