30 Minutes Free Trial Lesson

Why should I Book a Trial lesson?


Our 30-minute premium trial introduces parents to our organization, instructor, and service. Try it.

Book a trial lesson today!

How many 30 Minutes Premium Free Trial do I get to have?


AQUA S.T.A.R. offers ONLY 1 – 30-minute trial per family member. We recognize that not many parents would pay so much ahead for swimming without knowing whether the instructor is right for their children.

We want our instructor to be trustworthy so you and your children may enjoy the water experience.

Can i put two students with 2 different levels into the same 30 Minutes Trial Lesson?


Even if you have two students at different skill levels, our experienced instructors can still create a brief evaluation to observe how both swimmers do within the allotted 30 minutes.

Why do i need to pay "$1" to schedule a 30 minutes Free Trial?


The “$1” will ensure that your credit card payment is successfully processed. In addition, this demonstrates that you are eager to give us a go.

Can I choose an instructor outside of my service area for my 30-minute free trial?


Although the instructors who are giving individual lessons in your location are also the ones who are willing to go to your place, we still recommend choosing instructors who are already in your neighbourhood.

With the client’s permission, we may collect certain data and forward it on to the instructor; nevertheless, it is ultimately up to the instructor to decide whether or not to go above and beyond in order to provide the requested lesson or trial, even if the client has paid for the gas.

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