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You may choose any instructor. Choose a time and place, and we'll send a professional and experienced instructor right away.

24 Hours Reschedule

Only we may reschedule with 24 hours' notice. As long as you follow with our guidelines. We'll reschedule your lesson if anything unexpected happens.

Earn Free Lessons

Sign up for AquaSTAR's affiliate reward program. You may start earning points and get your free lesson shortly!

Client Reviews

If you liked the session, write a review. Your trust in us to provide personalized swim lessons to your door is much appreciated.


Chat with US!

AquaSTAR grasped the significance of the bond between the customer and the trainer.

During and after the free 30-minute trial, this chat with us feature helps clients and instructors bond. It’s simple to use. Texting app-like. Ask questions, decide how many lessons or plan you would want and set up a session schedule with your instructor.

if you do not have the app, please go to your google play or apple store to download the necessary file to get connect wit us.

AquaSTAR recommended that you and your swimming instructor develop on a lesson plan to determine the number of lessons necessary to acquire the necessary skills. If you’re having trouble deciding how many lessons to purchase, we’ve put up a few packages to help you narrow down your selections.

AquaSTAR knew the client could have further questions for the swimming instructor before deciding. Don’t worry—AquaSTAR wants the best for both students and instructors. 

Note: Please Review

Chatroom Discussion

Every instructor sets their own rates. Their high fees reflect their top-quality service. I’m sure you had a trial lesson with a possible swim instructor before making your final pick.

Our instructors with fewer than five years of teaching experience rate themselves lower than their colleagues, making them more desirable to students who are happy with the instruction. If you like your instructor, remain with them. We’ll respond to any questions or issues through our chatbot.

In our conversation, you may ask about the skillset, the building’s entrance, or whether the instructor will be late due to traffic. Avoid sharing sensitive information as both parties want to remain anonymous. Our teacher will frequently check the chat box to provide the finest service and instruction. If they haven’t replied, please be patient.


  • Respect our professionalism
  • Value our time and knowledge
  • Be reasonable
  • Each instructor’s rate reflects their expertise level
  • If instructor is late 5 minutes behind schedule, please try reaching them through our chatroom before contacting us
  • Free to ask any questions in regards to your swim progress and any information in regards to your swim lessons
  • DO NOT ASK for personal information such as their contact information. These are part of our company policy
  • Contact us at
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